The Secret Society of the Starship Titanic


My article on the Starship Titanic employee forum has just gone live on Kotaku UK:

This was a fascinating article to write – big thanks to Yoz Grahame, Carolyn Wilborn and Tony Marks for their help. It’s all about the game Starship Titanic, which was the brainchild of the late, great Douglas Adams. Yoz set up a secret Starship Titanic ’employee forum’ back in 1998 to promote the launch of the game, but it evolved into something far beyond his imagination…

Starship Titanic box art

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Documentary addresses video evidence linking the Vatican and Pope to Skull and Bones Cult

Reptilian Dimension

In a previous article I discussed how the secret Skull and Bones death cult is a Vatican secret society. In the below video excerpt it clearly documents how video evidence links the Pope and Vatican to the Skull and Bones death cult. It is reptilian dimensions objective opinion that all influential secret Satanic societies are working for the Jesuit Order who control the Vatican. In the Skull and Bones death cult, the Pope is worshiped and initiates must kiss the slipper of the Pope. The Pope who seeks to steal the office of Jesus Christ by claiming to be the Vicar (replacement) of Christ is a false prophet and antichrist as well as being a Satanist. Satan who possesses the Pope and Jesuit Order wants to be worshiped as god, so he possesses these: Vatican, Papal and Jesuit antichrists and uses them to demand worship and reverence from the masses…

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Time Travel on Facebook

The Green Study


I’ve written before about my aversion to some social media. Besides the conspicuous consumption of time, Facebook is how I found out that my best friend from 5th grade had lost the use of both her legs and arms in a car accident. Which led me to a search where I found out that another classmate and her brother were both dead in their early 40s. It was jarring and traumatic. These faces, frozen in my mind’s eye, were young and healthy and living happy lives in some far off world. Anything beyond that failed to reach my imagination.

When I was in my teens, we moved to a house, town and school far away from where I’d grown up. It was, in reality, only about 40 miles away, but rural miles. No public transportation or extra family car or cell phone plans to keep in touch with old…

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A brand new day

Greetings all!

As I sit and think about all that’s happened, I wonder. What is this world actually coming to? Why are people cold and heartless for no apparent or obvious reason? When did it become socially acceptable to be ignorant? Let me clarify what I mean… There was a time when people of color were proud of their heritage and lineage. They found it unacceptable for their children to behave poorly when not in their presence. Women cherished and respected themselves and others. In so doing, men respected women.

What has happened to this world we live in? What happened to giving peace a chance? When did we stop loving each other, and started loving and needing things? Why is it that the average American child barely speaks fluent English, but has a million twitter followers? How is it possible that if you’re wealthy in this country, you can have it all, but if you’re not, you’re just NOT….When I say you’re NOT, I don’t mean you don’t exist. I’m making a comparison to the differences that never seem to add up.  It doesn’t make sense for this country to have so much wealth, and still have a homelessness problem. How can a wealthy murderer be free, but a poor murderer be sentenced to a life sentence? That doesn’t sound like justice to me.

Since my youth, I’ve considered myself a patriot. Land of the free and home of the brave. I loved being an American.  Now, I have begun to analyze what that really means……

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